Author Topic: Under toilet sanitary setup C-43/46  (Read 271 times)

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Under toilet sanitary setup C-43/46
« on: 22 July, 2019, 21:55:26 »
I'm a rather new owner of a C-43, 1992 CC
One of the issues I need to deal with is the sanitary plumbing. Apparently, on this boat, the two toilets are elevated by the Jabsco manual flushing system - I don't think that originally it has been designed in this way, as the elevation makes it almost impossible to seat on the toilet... and I'm 1,86 cm....
But, the two toilets are installed on some kind of a step/box that I think, used to originally hold the sanitary pump, plumbing, etc. -- my guess...
Can anyone elaborate on that?

In general, I would like to upgrade to electrical with macerating pumps, connect the aft/master cabin toilet to the holding tank (that is under the V berth), add Y valves to set sea or fresh water flushing etc.

My main question is on the original setup of the toilets and if the compartment under the toilet has been used to it and how. If anyone has the design file etc. it would be great if I could have it.

Thanks all!
Nitzan Sneh, Boston MA, USA
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