Author Topic: Side Hatch on Contest 38S Bj 86  (Read 439 times)

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Side Hatch on Contest 38S Bj 86
« on: 19 November, 2019, 17:17:59 »
Dear Fiends, my boat is now lying in Venice and owing to an enormous high tide on 12/13 November a lot of boats and ships  were damaged.
The town has been flooded for 80%.
On my boat I got a side hatch damaged: the plexiglas is broken.
Somebody can give me the name of the maker and the type?
I ask it you because in the catalogues are a lot of similar hatches with some differences of millimeters and it is very easy to order the wrong type.
Other solution is to mount a new plexiglass but I cannot do a template because all the pieces of plexiglass are in water.
To make the template I need to dismount a good hatch but I do not like it; I will do it if all other attempts will fail
Thanks and Ciao

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Re: Side Hatch on Contest 38S Bj 86
« Reply #1 on: 07 January, 2020, 00:59:29 »
Maybe you must contact Sjoerd from S.Y. Camelot on this forum. I sold him my old portlights 2 years ago. He possibly might sell you one.

Regards, Eric.
S.y. Paperino.