Author Topic: Leaking rudder stuffing box - permanent fix?  (Read 60 times)

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Leaking rudder stuffing box - permanent fix?
« on: 22 July, 2022, 18:25:25 »
We are owners of a Contest 41 (wing keel) from 1989.
The boat has a very leaky rudder post stuffing box so every time the waterline is above the laminated area (pretty much every time we are sailing) the water runs down from the rudder post, down through the bilge below the aft cabin into the engine bilge. The amount of water is significant - depending of the sea state it can be as much as a liter or so per h.
Yes, the bilge pump will take care of that but there are other issues with rust, smell etc., so I really want to have it fixed to be dry.
We have already replaced the packing completely which did not really fix the problem.
We have also raised the laminated post by a few cm with epoxy, but this obviously does not fix the problem, only makes it slightly better in calm weather.

Any ideas how to permanently fix this? Has anybody replaced the whole stuffing box with something less leaky?