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Algemeen - Common / Leaking rudder stuffing box - permanent fix?
« Last post by sypangolin on 22 July, 2022, 18:25:25 »
We are owners of a Contest 41 (wing keel) from 1989.
The boat has a very leaky rudder post stuffing box so every time the waterline is above the laminated area (pretty much every time we are sailing) the water runs down from the rudder post, down through the bilge below the aft cabin into the engine bilge. The amount of water is significant - depending of the sea state it can be as much as a liter or so per h.
Yes, the bilge pump will take care of that but there are other issues with rust, smell etc., so I really want to have it fixed to be dry.
We have already replaced the packing completely which did not really fix the problem.
We have also raised the laminated post by a few cm with epoxy, but this obviously does not fix the problem, only makes it slightly better in calm weather.

Any ideas how to permanently fix this? Has anybody replaced the whole stuffing box with something less leaky?
Onderhoud - Maintenance / Contest 33 | stanchions
« Last post by phake on 20 June, 2022, 18:03:26 »
I own a Contest 33 (HullNr "137") and would like to re-insulate the stanchions.
Does anyone have a tip on how I can get these loose "and" fixed again - are the nuts laminated?
Thank you !
Ik heb een Contest 33 (HullNr "137") en wil de rongen opnieuw isoleren. Heeft iemand een tip hoe ik deze los "en" weer vast kan krijgen - zijn de moeren gelamineerd?
Algemeen - Common / Re: Kajuitruit Contest 31HT eerste serie.
« Last post by m.pol on 06 June, 2022, 19:24:39 »
Hallo Maarten, wij hadden ook een raam kapot bij onze contest 30ac. Bij  wigo in Gorinchem hebben wij het raam opnieuw kunnen laten maken. We moesten het aluminium kozijn compleet opsturen.
H.K.van Wingerden &
Industrieweg 118
4214KZ Vuren
(+31) 183631565
Algemene berichten - General discussions / Re: Contest 31 Owners
« Last post by rmcnabb on 25 May, 2022, 16:24:14 »
Hi - Just wanted to throw my hat in here and post pictures of my C31 (Van Essen) - 1972, Hull #5.  There aren't many here in the US but they do turn up.  I'm currently refurbishing her bit by bit although she is in really solid shape.

Replaced the marine head with an AirHead composting toilet, rebuilt the head/shower area floors.  This head is a good fit for the somewhat cramped compartment in the C31, and I'm happy with the choice.  I am also replacing two of the large non opening port lights with Gebo opening hatches. 

Complete paint job topside and bottom.  Replaced the old barely functional front deck hatch with a Lewmar Ocean 30 (which was a near perfect fit - needed to shave about 1/4" off of the back edge of the opening. 

She already has a basically brand new Yanmar 3YM20, 250 hours, and it's a great engine for this boat, size and power wise. 

New suit of sails from Latell and Ailsworth in Deltaville, VA.  I can highly, highly recommend them for folks in the US that want the services of a full hand made custom sail loft at fantastic prices.
All new running rigging.  All new Dyneema lifelines.  New Mantus M1 35 pound anchor and rode - it's too big, which means it just right, as far as anchors go.

Next I'll be replacing the original winches with Lewmar 30 self tailers which make her much easier to single hand.

I'll try to figure out how to make my photos of a size suitable for posting here and include them.

Algemeen - Common / Re: Kajuitruit Contest 31HT eerste serie.
« Last post by Hans van Laar on 09 April, 2022, 11:37:25 »
Mijn oplossing:
Polycarbonaat/Lexan plaat helder kraswerend Margard/Saphir dikte 6mm
Algemeen - Common / Kajuitruit Contest 31HT eerste serie.
« Last post by Maarten HT19 on 08 April, 2022, 19:25:29 »
Het stuurboord voorruit van mijn C31HT is gebroken. Gehard glas en ooit geproduceerd door Wigu Dibrit. Zij hebben de ruiten niet meer. Heeft iemand enig idee waar ik de ruiten nog zou kunnen krijgen?
Onderhoud - Maintenance / Re: Renovierung des Vorschiffs
« Last post by pieter2 on 29 December, 2021, 15:47:26 »
Well done!
Boten - Yachts / Te koop: Contest 33
« Last post by on 22 December, 2021, 10:36:54 »
Beste CYOC-leden, onze Contest 33 is te koop.
Ligplaats Wolphaartsdijk, Zeeland. Staat momenteel op de wal.
Contest 33, bouwjaar 1974, bouwnummer 123. 10x3,30m, diepgang 1,55m
Tot 6 slaapplaatsen. Origo 2-pits spiritus kookstel, 12v compr. koelkast, Flojet druk waterpomp, Whale supersub automatische bilgewaterpomp, 2x 150 ltr drinkwater, Johnson pomptoilet, binnen en buiten alles LED verlichting,

Advansea S400 log, diepte- en windmeter. Advansea T56 GPS-plotter, Sylva marifoon, thyristor laadstroomverdeler,  accu: motor 65Ah, service 85Ah,

Solé mini 26 (Mitsubishi base) bj 2005 (ca 1200 hr) , indirecte koeling, 25mm RVS schroefas, 80 ltr dieseltank

Onderwaterschip in 2020 kaal gehaald en behandeld met 6 lagen Epifanes onderwater primer, romp 3 lagen International Toplac.

Bij interesse of voor vragen mail naar:
Onderhoud - Maintenance / Re: Rudder Post gland leaking
« Last post by Administrator on 08 December, 2021, 09:45:39 »
Hi Jean Pierre, I think the best and easiest thing is to contact Mr. Dick Zaal. He is the architect who desinged the Contest 43.

Onderhoud - Maintenance / Re: Rudder Post gland leaking
« Last post by cantorsenang on 03 December, 2021, 00:03:17 »
Hello, I recently purchased a Contest 43 and have the same problem. The rudder gland is leaking. Does anybody know how to solve this?
Jean Pierre
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