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Hello to all, I own a 1968 Contest 29 named "Aurora". I have owned her for 10 years and sailed her on Lake Ontario untill moving farther north to Georgian Bay. Unfortunatly the previous owner did not take very good care of her so she has needed some upgrading over the years. She is presently sitting in my driveway waiting for a major refit. When I purchased the boat, it came with all of the documentation from the very first owner in New York. It's a very interesting read. Nice to find a forum of like minds and boats.
Paul Murphy,
Penetanguishene, ON. Canada

Hi Paul,

Nice to hear that all over the world there are people who owns a contest.
On this site there's a subject on a photograph of your boat, in Dutch --> "fotografeer een contest".
It would be nice if you put on a little photo of your ship.

Succes with your refit. Hope everything turns out well.

Kind regards

Hi Paul,

nice to hear that the old ladies are still sailing. I sometimes wonder if the guys at Conyplex expected that their boats would be still sailing after almost 40 years... ;D  It would be nice if you could put up a (or more) photo's of the Aurora like Ewout suggested so we can follow the refit.

Goed luck and happy sailing,


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