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Drawings and Manual for 1970 30' Contest MDII


Dear  ::)Contest Owners,
I am a Newbe-Newbe who needs a schematic for a 1970 C 30 in order to put it on a Poly-lift. I am missing the owner's manual as well. You are thinking that this newbe is asking a lot. I hope that I can contribute as well.
Faithfully Yours, Dawson ::)

Hi Dawson, welcome to this forum. I'm not quite sure what information you need though, you mention a poly-lift, do you need the the dimensions of hull and keel?  As far as I know, there is no owners manual for the C30, mk 2. It wasn't common practice in those days to write things like that.

Dear BJ,
Thank you very much for your response. I would love to get the dimensions of the hull and the positions of the keel and rudder to see if the poly-lift would work. More information on operation on the boat would be helpful if we could not find a full manual. Faithfully Yours, Dawson


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