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hi,i'm an italian architect,i'm just a boy,because i have ony 24 years.I have find this forum very interesting.
I'm looking to buy a contest yacht.I know a man who want to sell his contest,now the model is a 38 of 1979.I really search on internet some news and information about this model,but unfortunatly i have not find many news.I have  also write to the conyplex shipyard but they haven't wrote me too.
I have seen that in that forum there is a model like this,and his name is "Da vince3".does somebody knows him?i would like see some phhotos and drowing of this model and probably if i can wrote with Da vince 3 he can help me!
i'm sorry for my bad english!
Best regards to everybody!
Thank you!
Andrea Boni

Are you sure about the year 1979? There wer only 16 boats built of that model C38 and that was all  before 1977 as far as I know. But it is a beautiful model, I would say my favorit. If I ever get rich... ;)
I asked Gerrit (owner of the Da Vince) to contact you.

no,i'm not really sure of the year.I really hope that Gerrit will contact me!thank you so much!Bye and G.W.!

is it possible to contact directly by private message the owner of Da vince?thank you!Andrea


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