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REnew shrouds?
« on: 16 February, 2013, 20:48:09 »
I have a question: We bought a Contest, since we can´t ask the previous owner we don´t know exactly about the age of the shrouds. The mast and the shroud must have been renewed in 1990 since we have an Selden Mast, and there is no serial number inprinted at the bottom, which they used to do since 1993. And a former neighbour told us something about a new mast at the beginning of the 90. Anyway, my question: the shrouds look good, how do you handle this: every 15 years new shrouds, since the insurance ask for it to cover in case of breaking? Have you heard of an insurance not paying cause of the age of the rigg? Don´t know if i want to invest 1500 Euro and throw away awesome looking shrouds ???
Would be happy about your opinion and experiences!!!
Thanks alot!!

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Re: REnew shrouds?
« Reply #1 on: 17 February, 2013, 14:36:41 »
Difficult question to answer. I never heard of a company refusing to pay because they don't have an exact age in their terms but only have a general clauses. That way they always have a way out if they don't want to pay. On the other hand there is your own sense of security. If in your opinion the shouds are still good then there is no reason to replace them I would say. Perhaps it is an idea to ask an expert for a serious inspection and make a good report on the geneal state of the rigging? It won't give you a full guarentee and accidents can always happen, even with brandnew shrouds. Although the chances are less then with 15 year old shrouds.  I guess it remains a matter of common sense and even though 1500 euro is quite a lot of money you will be on the safe side for the next ten years or so.

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Re: REnew shrouds?
« Reply #2 on: 18 February, 2013, 11:44:43 »
I recently purchased a Contest 31. As a result of the survey I have renewed all the shrouds and also the chainplates. It was not cheap to do but but I have peace of mind and also making it very difficult for an insurer to get out of a claim.

From now on though I will replace peacemeal. By this I mean that after 8 years I will replace the cap shrouds, the following year the lower shrouds, the following year the fore and backstay etc. This keeps all the standing rigging relatively new without the large cost of renewing it all at once.

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Re: REnew shrouds?
« Reply #3 on: 19 February, 2013, 09:21:41 »
replacing standing rigging is not something which has a hard and fast time-limit. As s rule of thumb in Holland there is a common understanding that after 15 years it's time. this is mostly related to boats which do serious sailing, ie: offshore or inshore (IJsselmeer) where Bft 6 can also be very rough on the boat (steep waves).

If standing rigging is physically damaged its easy to conclude that replacement is due. The opposite is not the case. Standing rigging shich looks perfect after detailled MK1 Eyball scrutiny may fail due to unseen structural failure (often where the tensioners are crimped on the steel wire). It is possible to check via electrical conductivity bit this is an expensie process and the few firms who do this simple do not provide you with a clean vill of health and at the end of the day also advise you to change.

My personal view is that the 15-year period is something which I adhere to. Our last boat was changed after 14 year (just before a delivery trip early november via the english channel), the boat before that was also changed after 15 years because we used it offshore. The same goes in my view for through-hulls etc. Its a simple matter of personal safety. I know of caes where standing rigging failed big-time in a Bft 4 whith no prior notice whilst the owner checked the rigging every winter, so ther's no telling when it will happen.

If I were you Id change the key parts of the standing rigging (if you have running backstays perhaps leave them alone) and keep/carry some of the old set as spare? You actually run the risk of sailing with a 23 year old rig. If you want to keep the boat for a long period it will give you peace of mind. If yoy want to sell within the next 10 years, you will give your buyer a good feeling and perhaps have an easier sell (though perhaps not at a higher price).

Also please take into account that standig rigging also ages when its on the hard!

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