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Title: 1972 Contest 38.
Post by: settlednomad on 07 November, 2018, 15:08:21
Hi Everyone,

I am currently interested in a 1972 Contest 38. I have written to Contest Yachts for any and all information relating to this particular model. Unfortunately, it appears a lot of their archives were destroyed in a fire. Therefore, if anyone in here knows much about this particular model, I'd be very grateful for further information: build quality back then, hull construction, suitability as an ocean-going vessel (I want to circumnavigate) and what its faults are - what should I look for when viewing the boat etc.

Thank you in advance.

Title: Re: 1972 Contest 38.
Post by: BJ on 08 November, 2018, 09:47:16
My favorite model Contest, the larger version from the C33   :)   It's a rare type, only 15 were ever made.  You can find some info on the website of Mr. Dick Zaal:   Perhaps he has more info in his archives?  And which boat are you loooking for, the one in Suffolk?
Title: Re: 1972 Contest 38.
Post by: settlednomad on 08 November, 2018, 14:24:24
Hi BJ, thanks for the reply.

It is indeed the boat that is advertised in Suffolk - Saecula. Do you know of it, or the owners? Are they members in here? The short-term plan is to buy the right boat and slowly get it ready with blood, sweat and tears (and some money, which will likely be the cause of the tears!!). The long-term plan - in 2-3 years time - is to sail around the world on it.

I wrote to Contest Yachts to ask for further info but they said they had a fire back in 2003 which destroyed their archives! I am hoping that there is enough information here in this forum to set me off on the right foot.

Any idea why only 15 were made? Does it use parts that are similar on other models?

Now to take a look at the link you've sent through...

Many thanks.
Title: Re: 1972 Contest 38.
Post by: BJ on 09 November, 2018, 09:03:38
I don't have any personal experience with this model and I'm not sure if any owner is active here on the forum.  But if the C38 is build in the same way as the smaller C33 it's a very sturdy and robust model. I found that there were 16 buikd between 1972 and 1975, I think that the price is one of the reasons why there were only so little made.  And in those days a 38 foot was considered huge   ;)
I would advice to bring a suveyor before you make an offer on the boat.  She's been for sale for quite some years now so with some luck you can get her for a good price. Which gives you some more room for the rebuild  :)
Title: Re: 1972 Contest 38.
Post by: settlednomad on 09 November, 2018, 09:32:15
I believe she has been for sale for 8 years or so with the current broker, 3 of which have been spent on the hard. This in itself raises some questions, as you can imagine! She is a long drive from home but I think she is worth a look at least. I will take a look on my own, first, to see if she fits with what I am hoping for. If she does, then a surveyor will certainly be used prior to any purchase. There are a lot of boats out there in the size and price range that I have set myself - there is no rush  :D

Title: Re: 1972 Contest 38.
Post by: BJ on 09 November, 2018, 13:22:12
I guess people nowaday expect more luxery on a 38 foot yacht, at least a comfortabel shower and aft cabin.  The 70's Contest 38 doesn't have that, it's the tradional 30 foot layout. Besides that it's a heavy boat and not as fast as the more recent models from other yards. So I'm not really suprised that it takes a lomg time to sell her, especially because teh asking price was quite high the first years.  At the moment it's 20.000 euros if I'm not wrong and that makes it more interesting.
No rush is always good if you are buying and in this case you have plenty of time  ;)    Can you post some pictures here after the first inspection?  I am quite curious.
Title: Re: 1972 Contest 38.
Post by: settlednomad on 09 November, 2018, 17:05:41
Happy to post pictures - anything in particular? There are quite a few on the website but if you want something more specific then please let me know.

Yes, the price for a 38' boat is also attractive. I am hoping that there is room for further negotiation, too, if all goes well!  >:D

Although my previous (smaller) boats have both had aft cabins, it isn't essential. Most of my sailing will be single-handed so sleeping in the quarter berth or saloon will be normal. As for being heavy, and sacrificing speed for more comfort in heavier seas, that'll suit me just fine. I won't be in a rush to get anywhere  ;D
Title: Re: 1972 Contest 38.
Post by: Administrator on 13 April, 2019, 21:01:21
Did you visit the Contest 38?   Looks like it's still for sale on the website.