Author Topic: Contest 38s Water inside from the chain plates  (Read 83 times)

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Contest 38s Water inside from the chain plates
« on: 05 April, 2019, 20:08:31 »
Dear Friends,
in my  Contest 38S sloop Bj.86  Sharika I have the teak deck.
The shrouds (3 each side ) are connected to the inner chain plates  by a  stainless steel tube.
I have some water coming inside the boat, from the 4 bolts M6, see my attached sketch.
Please, I need to know :
1)   how the outer chain plate ( light blue) is connected to the square stainless steel plate (dark green) ? This is a force connection and I am not able to show it in my sketch because I do not see it on the boat
2)   where are the heads of the 4 screws M6. I suppose between the teak and the plastic (yellow) of the deck ? This is a connection for sealing
In order to seal the connection I intend to remove the teak,  find and change the screws M6 using SIKA 191 as sealant.
Your replies and suggestions are wellcome
Thanks a lot

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Re: Contest 38s Water inside from the chain plates
« Reply #1 on: 15 April, 2019, 11:33:55 »

I had the same problem with my Contest 31HT. I took of the circular plate cleaned the area around the chain plate and used a type of kit (polymer) that can withstand oil and so. I putted that around the chain plate. After that I placed the circular plate back. Placing the circular plate back I took care that there was a layer of kit approx 2 or 3 mm under need the circular plate. So don't turn the screws very tight on that moment. After a few days I retightened the screws, on my ship the leaking stopped.

Arno van Orsouw
Contest 31HT / AC "Helena" built number 212